mark off

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Teaching your dog to mark off the barrel has a valuable gun-proofing fringe benefit.
On a large piece of cardboard, mark off columns for ID number, date serviced, next due date, status, and remarks.
Resist the urge to mark off all open balances and unilaterally close out prior business written in an effort to "start anew.
While it enables consumers to pay off the debt sooner, it does nothing to take the bankruptcy mark off of a credit report until seven years has passed, and customers are still likely to get a less favorable rate.
The London-based pop-rockers knocked Sam & Mark off the top spot, giving them further cause to celebrate after a week of honours.
Both painters are also polymorphous in all the phenomena they mark off, work through, and internalize.
If you mark off all the numbers in the grid, you win pounds 100.
Practices that mark off the two least productive hours of their week, not including lunch, are those that are growing and thriving.
A coach will mark off the objectives we achieved after each game.
Mark off some boundaries where you will be able to monitor where campers are hiding and keep track of them.