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Calendered fabric and calendered wire are marked in similar fashion.
Jesus is claimed by God, marked by the Spirit, and propelled into a ministry that leads inexorably to his death.
We are also formulating a backup plan for those instances--we hope rare--where our parts are received without proper markings so that we can get the parts marked correctly and feed our manufacturing/assembly operations.
The IRS stated that exempting specific investments from being marked to market would require clear and convincing evidence that the security was not connected to the trader's business.
Interval 1: In the ready position with feet shoulder width apart (facing North) the athletes place their right foot on the line marked "B".
5) Marked extensively by Eastern and Western philosophy, the novel relies on "intersubjectivity and cross-cultural experience" (Being 38) as a way of rethinking the traumatic ordeal of the slave trade.
As we ramp up our AIT program and start utilizing parts with machine-readable code, we are going to have to live for an extended period of time with a fleet that is not fully marked and an AIS that is not fully fielded.
In essence, both are marked, both become images of Cain.
The movement in dollar exchange rates against the European currencies was most marked during the first half of the reporting period.