marked feature

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The absence of any species whatever in the whole class of Reptiles, is a marked feature in the zoology of this country, as well as in that of the Falkland Islands.
Cape Negro, a little within the second Narrows, may be considered as the point where the land begins to assume the marked features of Tierra del Fuego.
His strongly marked features seemed drawn by square and rule; and if it be true that, in order to judge a man's character one must look at his profile, Barbicane, so examined, exhibited the most certain indications of energy, audacity, and
I could discover no beauty in those marked features, that pale hollow cheek, and ordinary dark brown hair; there might be intellect in the forehead, there might be expression in the dark grey eyes, but what of that?
His thin face, deeply furrowed by care, and the bold outline of his strongly marked features, betokened a man more accustomed to exercise his mental faculties than his physical strength.
Bargaining is a marked feature of shopping there and main commodities traded there are cheap leather goods, textile and footwear.
A marked feature on the synoptic chart earlier this week was the rather slow progression of the South Atlantic High.
Another marked feature of the 2012 debates was an absence of gaffes and deadly zingers.
For sheer imagination and audacity, Jones deserves credit for these kinds of insights--a marked feature of her style.
This continued to be a marked feature of his life following his retirement from An Garda Siochana in 1988.
In the foreword to the central bank's Quarterly Bulletin, Dale said: "A marked feature of the response of our economy to the current recession is that employment to date has not fallen by as much as we might have feared given the falls in output.
He is throughout critical, probing the historicity of what they describe or imply, and a marked feature of the book is the way in which time and again he examines the material in the book of Acts, which has so often been found to be late, tendentious, and imaginative, and finds that the arguments against the historicity of what is there recorded simply do not stand up.