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These genes or linked marker information would further improve the efficiency of animal breeding.
The simple design of an internal clamshell cap keeps the marker tip sealed when not in use.
Another enhancement for video based marker tracking is presented in [3], using QR codes in a marker contrast border as the tracked image.
Row 5 (neck and raglan inc row, RS): K1, M1, [k2tog tbl, yo] to 1 st before marker, *k1, yo, sl marker, k1, sl marker, yo, [k2tog tbl, yo] to 1 st before marker; rep from * twice more, k1, yo, sl marker, k1, sl marker, yo, [k2tog tbl, yo] to last 2 sts, k1, M1, k1; 35 (35, 37, 37) sts for back, 6 sts for each front, 9 (11, 11, 13) sts for each sleeve, 69 (73, 75, 79) sts total.
Percutaneous fiducial marker implantation under sonographic guidance was performed for them before radiation therapy.
Since there is no marker on the probe point for detection, a special calibration method is adopted.
Sterling Police had still not picked up the marker stolen from Oak Hill Cemetery, but planned to do it this week.
Comparison of marker levels measured in study participants who have (diagnostic context) or who have developed (prognostic or screening context) the outcome, to the levels measured in a fraction or subset of randomly selected individuals without the outcome, allows for correct estimates of the predictive values of the marker levels.
The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether the choice of marker location might explain the exaggerated ankle dorsiflexion reported in the literature and, if so, whether more accurate ankle kinematics could be obtained with a different marker set.
Gruenberg notes that electronic markers are rugged, and because they require no external power source, they function indefinitely, and give a very precise rather than a general indication of marker location.
The preferred measurement the biological markers of pyridinolines are in twenty-four (24) hours urine collections Dpd is the bone marker of choice for bone resorption.