market price

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It transfers wealth from existing stockholders because the company could have sold the shares at a higher market price instead of a cut-rate exercise price.
The options expire in five years, the exercise price is $25 and the current market price of the stock is $20; thus, no compensation expense is recognized under Opinion no.
Here, the Applegates had the right to determine the amount of the payment based on changes in the market price.
The ED also states (in paragraph 11, page 3) that "[i]f quoted market prices are not available, management's best estimate of market values may be based on the quoted market price of a financial instrument with similar characteristics or on valuation techniques (for example, the present value of estimated future cash flows using a discount rate commensurate with risks involved, option pricing models, or matrix pricing models).
FOR A PUBLICLY TRADED financial instrument, the quoted market price in the most active market is the most reliable.
In a reload option, the minimum award of 1,000 options from the above example is established, but the ultimate number of options is unknown because of two variable factors: (a) the market price at the date of exercise and (b) whether the employee will elect a stock-for-stock exercise, cash-for-stock exercise or a combination of both.
15, if the market price of the underlying common stock is less than the guaranteed value of the preferred stock, the calculation should reflect the number of shares assumed to be issued based on market price at period's end.
By employing EMMA and TRACE post-trade pricing information to validate and demonstrate the accuracy of continuous pre-trade Market-Price forecasts, we believe Accredited-Benchmarks could dramatically increase bond market price transparency.
Based on an illustrative 1998 market price of four cents per kilowatt-hour, total potential transition costs in 1998 could be $2.
The SEC has issued the online brochure "Mini-Tender Offers: Tips for Investors" regarding mini-tender offers, noting that often in making the mini-tender offers at below-market prices "bidders are hoping that they will catch investors off guard if the investors do not compare the offer price to the current market price.