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During the October December 2014 quarter, Treasury issued $227 billion in net marketable debt and ended the quarter with a cash balance of $223 billion.
Marketable tomato fruit yield and yield components were statistically higher when any of fungicide regimes was applied compared to the control (Table 1).
In the April-June quarter, the Treasury Department paid down 11 billion dollars in net marketable debt, ending with 135 billion dollars of cash balance.
Marketing professionals and business owners alike can benefit from the marketing and tech discussions on Marketable.
6 million tonnes of Marketable Reserves in its project portfolio.
To be marketable securities, notes must either be traded on an exchange or subject to an arrangement to convert them into marketable securities.
This is why James is such a marketable fighter,'' Goossen said, ``because he brings out the best and the worst in people.
The American people must demand that Bush immediately stop looting the more than $400 million per day of Social Security surplus money, and allow that money to be invested in marketable Treasury bonds.
NS: The results are significant increases in marketable yield: preliminary university and field demonstration trials have shown increases of 60 to 110 percent in bell peppers, 85 percent in onions and 15 to 30 percent in potatoes, with promising indications in corn and soybeans not yet harvested.
On a similar note, packaging future life insurance company cash flows and selling them to the capital markets (life insurance securitizations) is creating a marketable security for the investor while raising capital for the insurer.
The third quarter of 2002 included a negative charge of $1,048,000 for loss in value of marketable securities, whereas the third quarter of 2003 included a gain of $105,000 from the sale of a portion of those marketable securities.
Like MRFs, mixed C&D facilities are asked to produce several marketable commodities from a jumble of incoming material.