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During the transitional period leading to that state, the delivery of complex scholarly text requires an interim solution involving the translation of more complex markup (such as SGML) to HTML.
The diner who loses," Fox believes, "is the one who buys the cheapest wine on the list because the percentage of the markup is often the highest.
This fact is widely ignored; indeed, markup is usually treated as an unfortunate requirement of using electronic text-processing systems, that is, as something to be avoided.
He said that the cut in markup would not only pave way for the industrial expansion but would also ensure breathing space to the manufacturing sector that had been suffering because of shortage electricity and gas for a long time now.
To raise your markup on the small jobs, you have to have the big jobs waiting for you, as a cushion," he points out.
A text without markup can only be used for very simple applications.
Problems arise when textbook authors attempt to use this formula to solve for the profit-maximizing markup given current values of marginal cost, price elasticity, and an assumption (not always stated explicitly) that the demand curve is linear.
0 are rotating markups, markup summary reports, headers and footers, and improved PDF batch capabilities.
In addition to PDF viewing, markup and editing features, Bluebeam also installs buttons in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD and SolidWorks for one-button PDF creation, batch and advanced file conversion options.
Jitsu is the first open source web toolkit to offer a compiled XML markup language and a rich client-side data binding engine: