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Though cut in last monetary policy was a step in right direction but it definitely was not enough therefore there was a dire need of cut markup rates by at least by 3 percent to come at par with the other countries of the region.
where she explained rate markups and shared advice on how consumers can protect themselves from becoming victims.
Passive managers achieve their goals by evaluating appropriate bonds that fit particular specifications for that client's unique fixed-income portfolio, narrowing the final bond selection based on minimizing markups (during buys) and markdowns (during sells), and ensuring sufficient bond quality to minimize the chance for default, calls or other unexpected events that can cause a portfolio to veer off course from its goals.
Compounding the problem, rack prices will rise disproportionately due to distributors' tradition of increasing their markups during the heating season.
A separate report released earlier this year by the Consumer Federation of America, the National Council of La Raza and the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition estimated that markup overcharges cost consumers at least $1 billion annually.
Extrapolating the definition of markup, markup languages are those that allow us to create documents consisting of plaint ext data and other entities, plus markup codes that define the logical components and structure, as well as describe the appearance or other aspects of the data.
However, a major challenge is that none of these markup languages are in common use on the desktop computer systems used by most document creators -- even though some word processors can save documents in basic HTML format.
From these efforts came a number of voice markup languages, including VoxML from Motorola (see the November, 1998 issue of CTR) and, more recently, IBM's SpeechML, which provides a speech interface for browsers and ships with some IBM PCs.
In contrast to the prior rule, which made all markup limits illegal, Tuesday's ruling means such limits will be evaluated by the federal courts under what is known as the rule of reason, which requires a case-by-case examination of the economic and competitive impact.
HyperText Markup Language, the lingua franca of Web documents, is basically a narrowly constrained subset of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
Another, more prudent, approach is to add only $1 or $2 above normal markup to wines under $20, since you know you will always make sales there, and mark down your higher@ end wines.
The report titled, "Hidden Auto Finance Markup: The Costs and Impact on New Jersey Consumers," describes a markup practice encouraged by all of the auto industry's leading captive finance companies and top auto lending banks.