married status

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Miss Gould added: "His ultimate intention, the Crown suggests, was to play the role of victim safe in the knowledge that he could rely upon his married status as a permanent excuse for never having to have another relationship with a woman.
Although her married status is now public knowledge, Washington has no plans to reveal any more information.
There have been cases where some Non-Resident Indians had hidden their married status at their countries of residence and got married again there," said one official.
For 2013 the Oregon standard deduction amount is $2,080 for employees claiming single or head of household, $4,160 for employees claiming married status and $4,160 for single employees with three or more allowances.
Over the years, she's suggested having a threesome with another woman, but we haven't taken it any further because of my married status.
For example, a product manager can compare the demographics of their fans with those of their competitors to determine differences in location, affluence, age, married status, etc.
underscores the married status of Peter (Mk 1:29-31), Paul (1 Cor 9:3-6), and other apostles (Philip, Andronicus, Junia, Phoebe, Aquila, and Priscilla), while also considering the families of Peter and Philip.
Concerning married status for children of the age group 12-17 years, the percentage was for married children 0.
I can't put up with the institutional church anymore, the church that refuses to accept the gifts of holy, talented men and women who could serve so well, but who are excluded from ministry because of their gender, sexual orientation or married status.
Ed Byrne SYMPHONY HALL LAST time comic Ed Byrne came to Birmingham, his new married status was the inspiration for many jokes.
So rather than being lit up like a Christmas tree with ornaments and sequins, the happily married status of tinseltown's ladies is being portrayed through a comfortable and relaxed attitude, western casuals and a sprinkling of traditional accessories.