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By the 1940s, medical interest in the male climacteric had virtually vanished in the German-speaking countries, primarily due to the emphasis of the Nazi regime upon traditional masculinity and martiality (Featherstone and Hepworth; Hofer, "Climacterium virile," "Medizin;" Stollberg), whereas in the United States, where Frisch spent a year between 1951 and 1952, research into aging continued into the 1960s.
In what otherwise might have been an overly male-dominated exhibition of unbridled martiality akin to, say, a medieval locker room before a major jousting match, Waschek has achieved a measure of balance by adding images of women from WAM's collection.
Capoeira presentations, normally theatrical, acrobatic, and with little martiality, are common sights in the whole world (17).
Malik argues that "as in the case of many other folk narratives and cults that emphasize martiality and a warrior ethic, the narrative of Devnarayan also deemphasizes the values and hierarchies of the varna system, and its inherent separation as well as interlinking of social groups on the basis of ritual purity and impurity" (p.
in many respects, the poem's martiality is as much verbal in its war of words as it is physical in its clash between the Tartar and Persian war riors.