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The building works marvellously well; on the hottest, most humid day of the year, the interior provided cool relief.
He was marvellously lucky in having as assistant Joseph Gandy, who drew his master's buildings in watercolour in the course of construction, completed, and sometimes in ruins, as they were expected to be following a destruction of civilization as complete as the one which overwhelmed the Roman Empire.
Here, Ondrej Rudavsky, who has previously investigated light and space mostly in film and video, has made a multi-media event, in part of which marvellously delicate stainless-steel wire curtain-like hangings (made from fishing traces with their connections sparely honed to elegance by ancient use) explore space against each other and a black void.
Graz, the capital of Styria, is a delightful small city which has thrived more-or-less undisturbed for several centuries and so displays a marvellously rich texture in which Gothic, Baroque, Romanticism and Modern are woven together with respect for each other and for the urban spaces, but with no craven emulation (An October 1995).
The Kunstforeningen (Art Society) has a very fine eighteenth-century Baroque house on the Gammel Strand (Old Shore), a quayside marketplace in the middle of the city overlooking the Slotsholm Canal, the marvellously decorated neo Egyptian Thorvaldsen Museum and, behind that, the Christiansborg Palace, the early twentieth-century Baroque parliament building and its chapel by C.
The domination of the architect over space, time and process which the Holy Trinity so marvellously demonstrates is almost totally gone now.
The stadium provides a spectacle where other people's marvellously developed biceps and calves can be seen.
The rear of the building on the south-east side is a virtually identical composition except that because of the difference in level across the site, the horizontal bands of the elevation are poised at the top of a marvellously heroic staircase.