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MASCULINE. That which belongs to the male sex.
     2. The masculine sometimes includes the feminine, vide an example under the article Man, and see also the articles Gender, Worthiest of blood; Poth. Intr. au titre 16, des Testamens et Donations Testamentaires, n. 170; Ayl, Pand. 57; 4 C. & P. 216; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 551 3 Fred. Code, pr. 1, b. 1, t. 4, s. 3; 3 Brev. R. 9.

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In the alternate version, the customer becomes the proprietor, and the queeny customer is equally queeny in his new role as the proprietor, while the proprietor-as-customer remains more masculinely "rough.
It is important, then, to consider the gender inflections of Robinson's public face (maternal femininity, demi-mondaine, or masculinely assertive) as she considers the problem of honor and character assassination.
This 2006 version, its third incarnation dubbed just "MX-5," is redesigned to make it slightly bigger and roomier as well as more unisex--more masculinely sporty and less femininely cute.