masquerade as

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The nonchalance of the legs is the first lesson to be learnt in such a masquerade as this.
Her marriage to Leonce Pontellier was purely an accident, in this respect resembling many other marriages which masquerade as the decrees of Fate.
Available via Google Cardboard and YouTube 360, consumers don a viewer headset and enter into a virtual Masquerade as The Most Interesting Man's guest of honor, encountering the unexpected and unusual.
Re-evicting echoes of the 1967-70 death macabre through the image of the masquerade as a carrier of death, we are distinctly hearing again what Theodora Ezeigbo describes as the "chaotic rhythm of the tragic war and the violence of mindless soldiers merged with the maddening sounds of drumming attended by grotesquely masked Egwugwu.
Celiac disease affects up to 1 percent of the world's population but is diagnosed in far fewer people because its symptoms masquerade as those of
In a permissive culture such as ours, it is easy to succumb to the vice of indulgence, which can masquerade as compassion, just as prodigality can masquerade as liberality.