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What Sayed Bona and other NCP masqueraders need to know is that for a giant people's party like the SPLM to forgive and accommodate former adversaries should not be interpreted as a lack of clear vision, political programme or organizational weakness.
The remains of the masquerader, whose identity could not be ascertained as of the time of this report, lay on the road, while other masqueraders, tenders, bystanders and followers gathered in shock.
In the results show, host Tyra Banks revealed that The Masqueraders were in one of the bottom three spots.
Festival-goers are invited to find their favourite costume and reawaken their Marie Antoinette or a character from a bygone Charleston era, to twist and twirl amongst other mischievous masked revellers and seductive masqueraders.
The masqueraders in Gagliano were alone and lonely in their forced and gloomy folly; they were trying to compensate for enslavement with a simulacrum of liberty, full of excess and real ferocity.
Six hundred costumed masqueraders were recruited to "play" in Egyptian Royale in 2015.
According to Dr RP Singh, secretary general of Quality Council of India (QCI) -the agency devising the benchmarking system -the logic is that yoga needs to be standardised so as to make it a truly global discipline and prevent masqueraders from bringing a bad name to the ancient discipline.
Hundreds of beautifully adorned masqueraders rejoin the festival grounds in full costume to start the second part of the more vivacious evening.
It also includes material from interviews conducted with veteran masqueraders (mainly from the Virgin Islands) and numerous helpful color and halftone photographs.
Coverdale's recurring ability to fall back on invisible spectatorship as a preferred state of being, combined with a shift into an alternate state of consciousness, is perhaps best illustrated in "The Masqueraders.
The top two masqueraders are emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
The festivities feature a Freedom Run and the Masqueraders (masked street dancers) will dance and prance to the sound of fifes and drums.