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The festivities feature a Freedom Run and the Masqueraders (masked street dancers) will dance and prance to the sound of fifes and drums.
With thanks to sshrc, her most recent book is Women, Popular Culture, and the Eighteenth Century (Toronto, 2012) and her next is a critical edition of two of Eliza Haywood's 1724 novellas, The Masqueraders and The Surprize (Toronto, 2014).
But rationalists are in a minority in a country ridden with godmen and holy masqueraders, whose hold over the hopes and dreams of millions of Indians cannot be easily prised away.
In the carnival, Junkanoo dancers moved to the beat of steel pan drums as masqueraders paraded their way through the airport's Terminals 1 and 3.
Jazz band drummer Carla Hill aged 12 shows off her new alloy harness in February 1992 Right - Parading with pride, Saltburn Masqueraders marching jazz band perform at the official opening ceremony of a new community centre on Skelton Green which was opened by Langbaurgh Mayor Arthur Harrison in June 1991
The carnival features an effervescent parade of vibrant masqueraders dancing down the famous Atlantic City boardwalk to the colorful sounds of the Caribbean.
Your soul is a choice landscape / Where masqueraders and bergamaskers walk charmingly / Playing the lute and dancing and as if/Sad beneath their fanciful disguises.
MUSICALS The Masqueraders present The Wedding Singer: Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton.
The Coventry showstopper, who stands nearly 20ft, will lead the festival's night carnival at the head of a parade of 1,500 dancers, drummers, lantern-carriers and costumed masqueraders.
Until today, hundreds make the annual trek home to experience among other things the traditional St John's Day village festival on December 27, the masqueraders and string bands that are fixtures of Montserrat's festival This December those numbers are expected to increase dramatically.
Later, the masqueraders all pointed to the royal box, clearly designating the two most influential men in Italy as they sang about the way scoundrels end.
Masqueraders in disguise, carrying lanterns made out of scooped-out turnips, visited homes to be rewarded with cakes, fruit and money.