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Jones expressed some surprize on this occasion, and declared it must be some mistake; but the maid persisting that she was certain of the name, all the women were desirous of having the bundle immediately opened; which operation was at length performed by little Betsy, with the consent of Mr Jones: and the contents were found to be a domino, a mask, and a masquerade ticket.
All I can conclude from it, sir," said he, "is, that you are a very happy man; for I make no doubt but these were sent you by some lady whom you will have the happiness of meeting at the masquerade.
When the two gentlemen were both attired for the masquerade, and Mr Nightingale had given orders for chairs to be sent for, a circumstance of distress occurred to Jones, which will appear very ridiculous to many of my readers.
A gorgeous hall had been fitted up, under Trippetta's eye, with every kind of device which could possibly give eclat to a masquerade.
The monarch was pacified; and having drained another bumper with no very perceptible ill effect, Hop-Frog entered at once, and with spirit, into the plans for the masquerade.
Your majesty cannot conceive the effect produced, at a masquerade, by eight chained ourang-outangs, imagined to be real ones by most of the company; and rushing in with savage cries, among the crowd of delicately and gorgeously habited men and women.
The grand saloon in which the masquerade was to take place, was a circular room, very lofty, and receiving the light of the sun only through a single window at top.
She could certainly command her guests, even to the extent of decking out the most respectable and reluctant of them with her mediaeval masquerade.
The incongruity between the masquerade and the mystery had created a curious psychological atmosphere.
The State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Toye Arulogun at a stakeholder meeting involving heads of masquerades across the state (the Alaagba), the Aare Isese from all the geographical zones of Oyo State and custodians of the masquerades held at the film Theatre of the Ministry on Thursday in Ibadan said that the era of using Egungun Festival to perpetrate violence is gone, stating that the entertainment and cultural values of the festival would be celebrated and promoted locally and internationally.
Ehugbo masquerades are classified into three types such as Iri Iko, Igwugwu and Okumkpo.
I agree that the best way to test a theory is to take it to extremes, and Bell's go-big-or-go-home approach results in a collection of nineteen exceptionally thought-provoking essays about the nature of masks, masquerades, and the carnivalesque, and the changing definitions and applications of these terms in the twenty-first century.