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Few, if any, had the temerity to visit old Bukawai, firstly because of fear of his black magic and the two hyenas who dwelt with him and were commonly known to be devils masquerading, and secondly because of the loathsome disease which had caused Bukawai to be an outcast--a disease which was slowly eating away his face.
No masquerading tricks,' said the locksmith, 'and tales at the club to-morrow, how Gabriel Varden was frightened by a surly voice and a dark night.
Campus Networks Easy Targets for Sophisticated Hackers Masquerading as Legitimate Users
Judge Scott strongly disagreed, calling the RLP policy "title insurance masquerading as mortgage guaranty insurance.
New features include support for the newly released Linux NetFilter firewall and support for IP masquerading.
Synopsis: For over 14 years, Philip DiMeo, a talented cartoonist and social worker, led a double life, masquerading as a fully sighted person, while becoming blind.
Breeden offers advice on how to resist the bad habits masquerading as virtues and avoid the potentially career-limiting effects of the most common sacred cows.
Khar, Oct 29 (ANI): Three "common criminals" were beheaded by militants in Pakistan for allegedly masquerading as the Taliban while stealing and kidnapping for ransom.
During initial questioning, the girls gave police the phone number of the 38-year-old suspect, who was allegedly masquerading as their father.
Summary: BEIRUT: Labor Minister Boutros Harb announced on Monday that some individuals are masquerading as labor inspectors and visiting companies and private institutions to extort these firms for money.
Why is this aggressively reactionary editorial masquerading as a comic, anyway?