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This group believes that masquerading is for show where masks, images, shapes, dance, chants and song are expressed to enhance tourism.
Nicholls's exhaustive research on masquerading in the Eastern Caribbean, West Africa, and Western Europe provides substantial evidence of transatlantic continuities and synthesis in artistic form, function, and symbolism.
Thus, even after her death, Coverdale still describes Zenobia as masquerading, still a fused double body.
A man, who identified himself as a local Taliban spokesman, accused the trio of masquerading as the Taliban, saying, "They were defaming our organisation,"
I was haunted, Heath flirted, and Butler turned Riviere into a homosexual masquerading in woman's clothes.
Vincent Rubio is one of them, a velociraptor masquerading as a human detective.
The second installment in Mabel Maney's 007-and-a-half-series has Jane masquerading as twin bro James, whose career of "boozing, bullets, and broads" has finally caught up with him, to infiltrate a men only spy convention in Las Vegas, Haney has a gift For serving up queer sensibility cloaked as snappy '60s idiom and for propelling plot with a narrative style reminiscent of Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys.
Fixer of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore cautions that LBV 1806-20 could turn out to be two or three closely orbiting stars masquerading as a single bright body.
Or a gay Jewish seminarian and a lesbian naval officer, each masquerading as straight?
7 masquerading as Japan Airlines ground staff, Narita airport police said.
HOME Secretary Jack Straw today defended his controversial remarks about criminals masquerading as gipsies and denied he was guilty of racism.
19) Indeed, Luigi Pulci, in a letter of 22 March 1466, sent with the canzone Da poi che Zauro to Lorenzo in Rome, refers to his seventeen-year-old patron's pleasure in masquerading in words put into the mouth of his lover Lucrezia Donati:(20)