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Justice Husnain Masoodi said, 'The political executives in Kashmir are downplaying these incidents by describing them as mass hysteria.
THERE may be a more sinister explanation for The Hollinwell Incident than mass hysteria.
A classic trope of science fiction films is mass hysteria about some kind of contamination, whether it be a medical pandemic (Outbreak 1995, Contagion 2011), a zombie infestation (28 Days Later 2002), or an alien invasion (Aliens 1986).
LOCAL OFFICIALS BEGAN TO FOCUS on the more likely idea of an individual perpetrator coupled with mass hysteria.
Country: Asia, Costa Rica, USASector: Air Transport, Construction/Real EstateTarget: An unnamed international air cargo business, An unnamed real estate investment groupBuyer: Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company IncType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: CashStatus: ExclusivityComment: MoU
A variety of local print media sources, from the Pretoria News to The Sowetan and The Sunday Tribune traffic in the terminology, with headlines reading "Mysterious wave of mass hysteria hits city", "Mass hysteria at Soweto school?
Jacobsen interviewed a former Area 51 employee who claims that in 1947 government forces discovered flying saucers developed by the Russians for the express purpose of causing War of the Worlds--style mass hysteria across America.
Our Supreme Court suffers from the same mass hysteria that has affected our society generally.
It triggered mass hysteria and I celebrated at the corner flag but the TV cameras missed it as it was a blind spot at Parkhead.
In Washington, there is now a mass hysteria that was probably imposed by the circumstances of the decisive battle for the Congress midterm elections that will take place today," Noureddin said.
We are used to mass hysteria where popstars The Jonas Brothers are concerned, so it comes as no shock that youngest member Nick has caused quite a stir while staying in London.
How brave they all were to attend in the face of the mass hysteria that has gripped the country regarding the swine flu outbreak.