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Let us admit that mass medication in the nation's water supply is a bad idea.
But others fear mass medication could make millions dependent on drugs.
The mass medication programme of the 364 children and their teachers at Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Aberdar, in Cwmdare, Aberdare, yesterday and on Thursday has been organised by the National Public Health Service for Wales.
Mass medication -- sorry, mass pollution -- doesn't solve anyone'sproblem.
Although the Scottish Executive is undecided, to fluoridate Scotland's water supplies is mass medication.
But Safe Water said it was time for opponents of fluoride-treated water to approach MPs and emphasise their strength of feeling over what it regarded as compulsory mass medication.
I HAVE opposed fluoride in drinking water for years, because the principle of mass medication does not appeal.
Mass medication is not the right way to cure disease via the tap water.
That's absolute rubbish, as to do so would be mass medication.
Diet and parental ignorance are the problems which should be addressed, not forced mass medication on the healthy, for a few.