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Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who wrote the book ``Helter Skelter,'' calls the killings ``probably the most bizarre mass murder case we've ever had in America.
Both face mass murder charges over their alleged involvement in planting the suitcase bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie in December 1988.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block said last night: "Had this stuff gone into the mail, we would have had mass murder.
It's starting to have more resemblance to the Nazi Holocaust as people are being transported and dying on trains that are packed with people, reports of mass murders,'' said Portney, a psychiatry professor at UCLA.
ABC reported that during a class on the Holocaust, one cadet told a Jewish student that the mass murder occurred because the Jews killed Christ.
There were more than 7,000 sick and starving prisoners, and gas chambers and crematoriums (furnaces) used for mass murder and the disposal of bodies.
Hitler had initiated a program of systematic mass murder of those the had termed "unworthy of life.
Later, James Bond's SMERSH opponents were straightforward Soviet agents, servants of an enemy whose chief products were heavy industrial planning, falsified crop reports, and mass murder.
Maybe if they had acknowledged their homoerotic yearnings they wouldn't have been so inclined to mass murder.
His film is an examination of the mass murder committed by Khmer Rouge revolutionaries between 1975 and 1979.
We must not doubt for a moment the possible catastrophic consequences of terrorists or their rogue state sponsors who are willing to use disease as a weapon to spread chemical agents to inflict p~n and death, or to send suicide bound adherents armed with radiological weapons on missions of mass murder.
Numbers often fail to capture the true horror of mass murder, but they do help quantify the damage.