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The automaker's planned mass production at the facility is three months ahead of the scheduled date.
Elsewhere, Tzonis focuses on Corb's dialectical mode of thought, which explored universal and regionalist ideas, and the values of individual creation and craft compared with mass production and industrialization.
This has resulted in shorter development lead times and will lead to efficiencies in mass production by using proven technology that is readily adaptable to the new glass size.
Chery Automobile (Chery), a China-based automaker, is commencing mass production of its A5 hybrid sedan during the summer of 2008.
The aerospace industry has succeeded in automating much of the lay-up process, but given it's two-weeks-per-plane production schedule there is no impetus to speed the process to anything close an automotive mass production level.
Until now, nanotubes had to be positioned one at a time or by random chance, which while fine for scientific experiments is impossibly slow and tedious for mass production.
Even with continued research and investment, it will take at least 17 years before hydrogen drive reaches mass production, and even then hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines will lead the way.
Marketing hype aside, there have been a lot of obstacles to making Bluetooth ready for mass production, as well as for general acceptance in the automotive industry.