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On October 29, 1948, the Israeli army brutally massacred about 100 women and children, precipitating a massive flight of people from that village on the western side of the Hebron mountains.
The Hazaras were massacred for the second time during the Taliban in which thousands of them were massacred in different provinces and many were forced to leave Afghanistan.
Likewise, Tzaporah Ryter, an American student from the University of Minnesota, reported from Ramallah on April 2, 2002: "We are under a terrible siege and people are being massacred by both the Israeli army and armed militia groups of Israeli settles.
One of the film's most stunning moments occurs after a train has arrived in Lahore filled with the bodies of massacred Muslim men and children along with gunnysacks filled with the severed breasts of Muslim women.
Across the country, the Tutsi were massacred in their homes, in open fields, along broad roads, and even as they hid in the bushes.
In a message to the conference, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D- 47th District, CA) stated: "I regret that I cannot be here in person as you gather in remembrance of the thousands of prisoners of Conscience massacred by the Islamic Regime of Iran in the summer of 1988.
A VETERAN who spearheaded the fight to save a memorial to Coventry and Warwickshire soldiers who were massacred during the war has been honoured by the French village where they died.
Attackers massacred at least 87 people near the Algerian capital at the weekend, slashing throats, cutting off arms and opening women's stomachs, survivors and hospital officials said (Khiari 1997: 4).
A car bomb exploded Sunday outside a downtown cafe, killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens, just hours after attackers massacred 36 villagers - decapitating some - south of the capital.
Summary: ERZURUM (Cihan) -- New human skeletons belong those who had been brutally massacred by the Armenian gangs have been found in Turkish eastern province of Erzurum.
They are listed as missing, but survivors say they were massacred by the Serbs.
Armenians claims their ancestors were been massacred in 1915 during the Ottoman Empire.