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The new Massive MIMO solution showcases the synergies of combining Nokias radio expertise with CommScopes advanced antenna technology.
As part of the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey (VFTS), the team used ESO's Very Large Telescope to observe nearly 1,000 massive stars in 30 Doradus, a gigantic stellar nursery also known as the Tarantula nebula.
a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated extended their technology innovation leadership by completing the first successful FDD Massive MIMO trial with a fully compatible customer device, the company said.
Taking advantage of the Massive Networks global network and API integration with the cloudtrek Service Cloud Exchange Connect, customers can quickly establish connectivity between their on premise data center or Colocation facility and Cloudtrek's cloud environment with higher premium-blended bandwidth options all the while receiving a consistent networking experience.
During field testing in Suwon, Massive MIMO Samsung radios, equipped with vertical and horizontal beam-forming technology, reached peak speeds of 330 Mbps per channel using a 20 MHz channel of 2.
According to Massive, its advanced merchandising and real-time audience segmentation technology allows operators to make "dramatic shifts" in how they optimise their video applications to increase engagement levels and reduce customer churn.
An average star like our Sun is formed over a few million years, whereas massive stars are formed orders of magnitude faster - around 100,000 years," John Ilee from Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy, and the lead author of a (http://mnras.
Initiation of Massive Transfusion Protocols (MTPs) and specific management of situations requiring massive transfusions including trauma, gastrointestinal bleeding and obstetrical haemorrhage are useful in decreasing mortality but equally important is judicious use of blood components, understanding of definition and patho-physiology of massive haemorrhage and managing the consequences of massive transfusion.
Massive MIMO, a relatively new concept in 5G communications, addresses capacity and energy challenges facing next-generation communications systems.
Researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) investigated environment in which a galaxy with a massive black hole at its center exists.
Under the deal, which is scheduled for completion on 30 April, Massive Dynamics will acquire the target's intellectual property and technologies.
2/ Defeat Juton x50 -> Rewards: Ortlinde Massive x1, Waltraute Massive x1