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The government measures for the reformation of the higher education brought massiveness, greater percentage of enrolment of high school students in universities (more than 90%), dispersion of higher education facilities even in towns which could not provide the basic conditions for the existence of such institutions (known as "village universities") and many other problems this education level is facing.
Repeated emphasis on the towers' height and massiveness is exemplified by a chart showing the "World Trade Center by the Numbers": sixteen acres of land, 110 stories, 1,730 feet from street level to the top of the television mast, 43,600 windows, twelve million square feet of office space, etc.
But in the European, the greater length and massiveness of the legs have become marked--the fore and hind limbs are more heterogeneous.
In the stark formal contrast that separates the beginning of the sentence from its close, one notices how detail burgeons into a cosmological ecology, and a single thought flows into the galaxy's "pathic massiveness.
What is more, the belonging Heidegger speaks of is not a belonging to nothingness, for "beyng, as the most unique and most rare, in opposition to nothingness, will have withdrawn itself from the massiveness of beings, and all history--where it reaches down to its proper essence--will serve only this withdrawal of being into its full truth.
Contract awarded for Contents massiveness activity where the entire community is invited to an art show.
The massiveness of the club was overwhelming, with one huge lounge area set up to accommodate over 100 people and another with tables to accommodate around the same number.
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First of all is just the massiveness of that airline, so size obviously accounts for a lot.
While the massiveness of Rowan's sculptures takes them out of pottery scale--no shard is so thick--their chiselled contours capture a powerful and moving sense of geological time.
Today we sent a clear sign of this movement's massiveness and power to convene people," said Gabriel Boric, president of the Federacion de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile (FECH).