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Unlike Dirac and Majorana fermions, members of the Weyl class--named after German mathematician and physicist Hermann Weyl--are massless.
Named after British physicist Peter Higgs who first theorised on the idea in 1964, a particle was presumed to be the giver or donor of mass to any object in the universe and would also explain why some objects are massless.
Washington, December 31 ( ANI ): Scientists have made a precise measurement of elusive, nearly massless particles, and obtained a crucial hint as to why the universe is dominated by matter, not by its close relative, anti-matter.
So our minds tend to follow this course, and we experience the same confusion when we try to image a massless material body as when we try to imagine a pure mass that does not incarnate in a body.
From the outset, Physics Letters B has played an important role in publishing some of the milestone papers in the hunt for the Higgs boson-from Professor Higgs' letter nearly half a century ago, " Broken symmetries, massless particles and gauge fields", to more recent experiments that narrowed the search for the Higgs particle.
Without the Higgs particle, other particles such as electrons and quarks would be massless and the universe would not be what it is.
The conventional approach is to divide the beam-type structure into two parts that are pinned at the crack location and the crack is simulated by a massless torsional spring [3-8].
For example, some physicists continue to believe that there is a massless particle that gives rise to mass in particles, yet that assertion reveals inconsistencies in a theoretical framework.
It is seen as the mass-bestowing agent in particle physics, giving mass to otherwise massless particles existing in the quark-gluon plasma post-big bang.
Einstein's solution was that only massless photons can move at the speed of light, and that matter must remain below the speed of light regardless of how much acceleration is applied.
His topics include symmetries and conservation laws, tensors and tensor operations, special relativity and the physical particle states, spontaneous symmetry breaking and the unification of the electromagnetic and weak forces, the Goldstone theorem and the consequent emergence of nonlinearity transforming massless Goldstone bosons, the simple sphere, and beyond the standard model.