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Nay, but,'' said Isaac, ``thy master has won goodly steeds and rich armours with the strength of his lance, and of his right hand but 'tis a good youth the Jew will take these in present payment, and render him back the surplus.
My master has disposed of them already,'' said Gurth.
Wherefore, teach them their multiplication-table, good Master Cheever, and whip them well when they deserve it; for much of the country's welfare depends on these boys.
while, we have been thinking of other matters, Master Cheever's watchful eye has caught two boys at play.
no," replied Master Jacques, still with his sad smile; "we have not that consolation.
I' faith, yes," said Master Jacques, fumbling in his pouch; "this parchment.
My master went with me to the smith's forge, to see that I was not hurt or got any fright.
And now having got so far, my master went on to break me to harness; there were more new things to wear.
This had been one of the things taught him by the master, and White Fang obeyed, though he lay down reluctantly and sullenly.
It was between him and the master, cutting him off.
Don Quixote was not very well satisfied with the divinations of the ape, as he did not think it proper that an ape should divine anything, either past or future; so while Master Pedro was arranging the show, he retired with Sancho into a corner of the stable, where, without being overheard by anyone, he said to him, "Look here, Sancho, I have been seriously thinking over this ape's extraordinary gift, and have come to the conclusion that beyond doubt this Master Pedro, his master, has a pact, tacit or express, with the devil.
My master made his daughter Glumdalclitch ride behind him.

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