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Montreal offers the highest match rate at $5 for each dollar saved; however, only $900 in savings are eligible for matched credits.
They performed IVF to create several embryos, selected and implanted into the womb an embryo that was both genetically healthy and immunologically matched to its sick sibling, and then, after that child was born, transplanted its made-to-match stem cells from the umbilical blood to the sibling.
Now colors matched at one plant or at the Corporate Technical Center (CTC) can be reproduced more easily and accurately at another location.
Similar names can now be matched based on physical distance not merely similarity of address.
In the early days, the defense might have argued that the blood matched to Simpson through DNA analysis could have belonged to somebody else.
The GSA informed applicant vendors that it would be selecting and approving products that had matched certain qualifications," said Paul Frasca, Vice President, US Federal Sales Division, Cross Match Technologies.
The Stock Purchase Plan for all employees, under which participants invest in Ericsson shares during a 12 months period and after three years of holding are matched with one share for each one purchased (1+1).
Once singles have taken the SureMatch Compatibility test, they are matched with other singles who best reflect their original responses.
These programs help measure the progress made in forming meaningful relationships in general and/or with the person they've been matched with.
com are matched based on their answers to the patent pending SureMatch(TM) compatibility test created by Scoresby.
Before the number of performance shares are finally determined, the Board of Directors shall examine whether the performance matching under the LTI 2004 is reasonable considering the company's financial results and position, conditions on the stock market and other circumstances, and if not, as determined by the Board of Directors, reduce the number of performance shares to be matched under the LTI 2004 to the lower number of shares deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.