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The new Tarari technology, which accelerates and offloads Regular Expression pattern matching at wire-speed, will enable OEMs, ISVs and developers in corporate environments to significantly improve the overall throughput of their solutions.
As partial rationale for expanded matching, the IRS pointed to an internal study that documented the recent significant growth in the number of flowthrough entities.
com announced today it will provide wireless dating, matching and communication capabilities to AT&T Wireless mMode(SM) customers via their mobile phones with Match Mobile ( mobile.
9] By simply conforming their nonverbal behavior to that of each client, by using language from the client's preferred representational system (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), and by matching the client's volume, tone, and rate of speech (paralanguage), they often can overcome the client's reluctance to communicate.
Backing away from a proposal that could have changed the city's matching fund program during the ongoing election season, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission said Monday that any reforms would apply to the 2003 election at the earliest.
The bases of today's color science include the classical equation of Kubelka and Munk as well as later theories that sought to perfect color matching through models based on tristimulus (three coordinates) or spectral (wavelength) data.
The CEO Magnus Bocker will be entitled to invest maximum 10,000 OMX shares and may receive a maximum of eight matching shares per invested OMX share.
matching contributions) are also subject to similar nondiscrimination testing.
Treatment matching has operated on the assumption that alcoholics fall into categories best served by particular strategies.
At each PMS manufacturing facility, as well as the CTC, the matching process begins with what is best considered a "color workstation.
The majority of these Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) based computer programs tend to have a strong emphasis on matching a person with a job on the basis of person-job requirements (P-JR) fit (i.