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Richard Bratby CBSO PROM Royal Albert Hall, London Virtual heresy to say so, but Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony has always struck me as a self-indulgently longwinded work, even in the many fine performances I've heard, including the St Peterburg Philharmonic Orchestra under Valery Gergiev, and Tuesday's Prom account from the CBSO conducted matchlessly by Andris Nelsons.
Nabokov's mature fiction renders objects, people and actions through an almost matchlessly vivid idiom of assonance, alliteration, economy, and surprise.
15) Like Wagner's Wanderer, the Grey Pilgrim roams the earth in the guise of an old man leaning on a staff/spear, or riding a matchlessly swift steed, spurring mortals on to deeds of heroic courage and concealing his true power beneath a cloak of humility.
After all it adds a dose of elegance and makes you look matchlessly chic," she said.