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As such, it was a nation renowned for its exemplary monarchy, its country houses and paternal landowners, and its matchlessly beautiful countryside, in which individual distinctions and inequalities of status were blended into the seamless fabric of life.
The actors, who've each worked for the director several times before, are, as always, matchlessly gorgeous.
Kissinger had until then been a devoted partisan of Nelson Rockefeller, the matchlessly wealthy prince of liberal Republicanism.
The boss' performance, he wrote afterwards, was a "combination of toughness and restraint, of will, nerve and wisdom, so brilliantly controlled, so matchlessly calibrated" that Kennedy had "dazzled the world.
Rylance, whose Hamlet in the 1980s placed him among the finest classical actors of his generation, is matchlessly funny as Robert, who has the benign, innocent warmth of Charlie Chaplin.
My sleep performances soon came to be esteemed as a wondrously exotic, serenity-inducing form of Gesamtkunstwerk or all-encompassing work of art matchlessly flung high aloft by me, in all its incalculable vastness, into the air of those day-nights and night-days, aided by the sheer force of my individual personality.
Autonomous by virtue of his detachment, disloyal in a manner too vague to be mistaken for treachery, he is matchlessly discerning of the shifting surfaces whose creature he is.
An editorial on Nicaragua published the day before included the equally astonishing and matchlessly cynical statement that for Congress "to have voted the money, moreover, without clear ground rule opens Nicaraguans to the agony of endless battle,' as if $100 million in military aid with clear gound rules would have any other consequence.