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MATE. The second officer on board of a merchant ship or vessel.
     2. He has the right to sue in the admiralty as a common mariner for wages. 1. Pet. Adm. Dee. 246.
     3. When, on the death of the master, the mate assumes the command, he succeeds to the rights and duties of the principal officer. 1 Sumn. 157; 3 Mason, 161; 4 Mason, 196; See 7 Conn. 239; 4 Mason, 641 4 Wash. C. C. 838.

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The government in 1973 approved the import of human dura mater from the German company and it was used in transplants in Japan from 1973 to 1997.
The report warned of a link between using imported dura mater and CJD, citing a 1987 U.
Her first big break came three years ago when the Willamette National Forest in Oregon's Cascade Mountains, its timber output drastically slashed by the spotted-owl/old-growth controversy, asked Mater to conduct a study of what forest resources other than logs might be marketable.
But if Mater hadn't come in and done the engineering for us, we wouldn't be where we are now.
Its statement added: "The Mater Hospital has carefully considered the Act.
David Wear scored 21 for Mater Dei, Gary Franklin had 17, and Brown added 14.
patient who had received the implicated product, the manufacturer revised its procedures for collecting and processing dura mater grafts to reduce the risk for CJD transmission (e.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention also reported a case of CDJ believed to have developed as a result of dura mater transplant in February 1987.
Tsushima said that although dura mater was considered one of the factors possibly connected to CJD, "it was not yet clear and conclusive back then.
Visiting the site of the new hospital, Mr Springborg said patients currently treated at Metro South and West Moreton Hospital and Health Service facilities will receive their care closer to home at Mater Springfield Private Hospital.
Heart Children Ireland raised EUR155,000 to buy the equipment for the Maurice Neligan Congenital Heart Clinic at the Mater Hospital.