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Supply of products of first necessity for the materialization of social emergency aid.
Speaking at the Sunday session of the Resistive Economy Prioritized Projects Steering Committee, Tayyebnia said weaning the country of oil dollars has been constantly minded by government officials over the course of the past decades in Iran and the topic is seen as a main concern in materialization of the policies of the Economy of Resistance.
The following are a few specific examples of materialization.
Chen admitted that the materialization of the "virtual offshore zone" will meet many difficulties and will implicate complicated issue.
At the end, we all came to realize that the decision's materialization is yet to come, if we are smart.
Turkey will continue to work for the materialization of democratic change in Syria.
The successful holding of the Tehran conference under the current conditions plays an important role in the materialization of the Palestinian people's rights," Pashazade said in a meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday.
12, 2010 (TAP) - The chamber of Deputies met here on Thursday under chairmanship of Speaker Foued Mebazaa and passed a bill providing for the amendment to some provisions of the nationality law, in materialization of the president's instructions to cancel all forms of legal discrimination against women so as to bring national laws into line with international conventions in this field and especially with UN conventions.
However, non-cable businesses still lack momentum due to delays in Europe's meter substitution programs, slow materialization in transformer sales, weak turnkey backlog and delays in contributions from the wind segment, HC said.
Oussama Romdhani said that the project is in line with Tunisia's promotion of private initiative in the audiovisual sector, in materialization of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's decision in 2003 to open up the sector to private initiative.
Guy, who was preoccupied with the materialization of his divorce with Madonna, while the scenes were shot, is facing a bigger challenge of getting A-list actors like Jude Law to shoot the scenes again.
In the most optimistic solution, the target is to obtain 18 materialization functions for each member.