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The MIMO materialization function can be expressed as:
The main objectives of Bush's trip to the region were support for materialization of their objectives in the occupied Palestine, backing the Zionist regime and help salvage their plans in the Middle East which were on the verge of failure, he said.
The interest of Anderson's research is her argument that this materialization took place (literally) word-by-word, that is, not at the level of holistic structures but at the level of random particles - isolate words, proverbs and sayings, quotations, epitaphs - quite as if English were not yet thought of as a superordinate language but as something to be engaged intimately as so many singular and detachable ingredients.
Projections were based on economic recovery and when it was apparent that materialization would be delayed, revenue estimates were lowered and cuts were made to offset the losses and some supplemental appropriations.
He also appreciated the endeavours of NESPAK that helped in materialization of these projects.
As a result, the change from a notion of fashion as the materialization of collective memory associations to fashion as mere covering for an already defined individual reveals clothing as a subtle indicator of evolving societal values.
Following the total project equity structure and the governmental partners' letters of interest announced on August 10th through a press release, this protocol constitutes an important step for the Ced-Or OSB mill project materialization.
This project, which is designed for preventing direct exports of crude oil and producing value-added materials, is in line with the guidelines of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei about materialization of the Resistance Economy and Article 44 of the Constitution.
Lot 1 supply and installation of toll equipment and reading material to the plate; lot 2 supply and installation of equipment guide instead; lot 3 signs, lot 4 work painting signs and materialization of places.
The minister while expressing firm resolve of the government said that it would leave no stone unturned for materialization of this objective and soon this initiative would be converted into a next generation transformation and technology parks capable of housing companies from different sectors of socio-economic development that can be enabled through exploitation of current and future ICT technologies.
The panoramic view of the city from the library's auditorium was a central metaphor through which the teens could create a narrative of Vyborg based on their own observations and aspirations; the city itself would be the stage for the project's materialization.
Some of the key factors that could cause actual results to vary materially from those expected include weather, available capacity, market liquidity and other factors impacting power and natural gas prices and demand for our products and services; the materialization of growth opportunities in the energy sector; and general economic and political conditions.