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Marvelous indeed, cautious but fearless, Los Angeles-based Brazilian artist Nicolau Vergueiro's lively and complex work literalizes and materializes his musical interests to the point where they become a nonthematic structural foundation.
If the aforementioned Daschle-Lott deal materializes, Stratton should be at CPSC by the time the Senate leaves town for its July 4th recess.
We might therefore say that in this passage the beard materializes memory, and thus functions much like clothes which, as Ann Rosalind Jones and Peter Stallybrass have argued, were often seen as performing such memorializations.
Many new hires say that they accepted a job because of a promised mentoring program--one that never materializes, and one that the manager doesn't know was part at the discussions.
If the surplus materializes as projected, it would be large enough for the government to pay off its debt, some $3.
By contrast, those who insist that Yeltsin is little better than the Communists will find it harder to see, or support, a reformist opening if it materializes.
If any of these risks or uncertainties materializes or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, HP's results could differ materially from HP's expectations in these statements.
This object, or set of objects, materializes ambiguity.