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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Pregnancy and motherhood are often believed 'essential' aspects of womanhood, and this correlates with Margaret's maternalistic agenda-that is, to 'mother' Bree and encourage her to become a maternal subject.
While focused on child-saving during the early decades of the twentieth century, Myers demonstrates that the court was deeply gendered and maternalistic in its response to delinquency, relying on various court prescribed 'surrogate mothers' who worked as female probation officers or who worked in the Catholic Soeurs du Bon Pasteur reform school or the Protestant Girls' Cottage Industrial School.
A maternalistic strategy is not new, and has been criticised for celebrating self-sacrifice as an essential feminine attribute, and therefore reinforcing traditional gender roles.
She is poised to win the contest, mentoring her remaining acts - hot favourite Rhydian and dark horse Leon - with maternalistic steel.
With paternalism, men are viewed as needing to protect and provide for women who are expected to uphold conventional roles including a maternalistic view of nurturing men's emotional and domestic needs.
Although Boggie articulates, at best, a maternalistic relationship with black women, sometimes the text's informants and contributors expose the shared suffering of black and white women, the commodification of both wives and servants, and the active participation of black women in the resistance movement.
This is a position held by the Government and the medical profession in order to ensure that women are upholding their maternalistic responsibility to society (Summers 1994).
That is to say, the valley is womb-like in both its preceding of civilization and its maternalistic nurturing of what will eventually become a speaking subject operating in the sphere of the symbolic--in this case, the ten stories of women tricking men in Day VII.
While the steady stream of references to domestics and the prescription of maternalistic behavior towards them implied the acceptability of hiring domestic help in colonial Bengal, the employment of servants in new middle-class homes was often scrutinized with suspicion by the same ideologues writing the manuals.
70) With her mother recently deceased, Manuela craves affection from the widely adored von Bernburg, a 'champion of a maternalistic humanitarianism' who is opposed to the school's totalitarian Prussian codes.