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MATERNAL. That which belongs to, or comes from the mother: as, maternal authority, maternal relation, maternal estate, maternal line. Vide Line.

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Effect of maternally derived antibodies on the clinical signs and immune response in pigs after primary and secondary infection with an influenza H1N1 virus.
Maternally Yours began in 2011 when Sweeting asked Rosemary Birthing Home's Carmela Pedicini to host a program about breastfeeding.
We recently reported that the DNA methylation pattern of the imprinted maternally expressed H19 gene in the placenta and the maternal blood cells could be detected by bisulfite DNA sequencing of maternal plasma DNA (29).
Family favourite Holly Willoughby helps us celebrate Mother's Day with a maternally themed Surprise Surprise special.
We investigated the methylation patterns in DMRs of paternally imprinted gene H19, maternally imprinted genes Peg3 (paternally expressed 3), Snrpn (small nuclear ribonucleoprotein N), Igf2r (insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor), and Pegl in oocytes of control and obese animals and their offspring.
A nearly complete sample of maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA linked the bone to the Denisovans, mysterious genetic cousins of Neandertals who lived in Siberia at least 44,000 years ago (see Page 8).
We noted differences associated with cause of orphanhood: among AIDS-orphaned children, 54% were maternally bereaved and 22% double orphaned (both maternally and paternally bereaved), while among other orphaned children, 32% were maternally bereaved and 12% double orphaned.
mat] are the effects associated with the paternally and maternally inherited breed specific QTL alleles, respectively, and [P.
She said that Wolbachia was maternally transmitted, gram-negative endosymbiotic bacterium that infected more than 65% of all insect species and approximately 28% of the surveyed mosquito species.
We felt it was incumbent upon us to expand our reach to serve not only maternally bereaved children, but all grieving children," says Laura Munts, President of Family Lives On Foundation's Board of Directors.
LRRTM1 on Chromosome 2p12 Is a Maternally Suppressed Gene That Is Associated Paternally with Handedness and Schizophrenia," Molecular Psychiatry 12, no.
Our detractors overlook the year-on-year rise in children removed from those considered to be maternally satisfactory until the social workers come knocking.