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We could say to companies receiving public money or public contracts, you have to have a gender pay audit and to be transparent about what you're paying staff and your maternity rights.
The social protections and benefits membership has given us - from maternity rights to workers' rights to freedom of movement - are almost so ingrained in our daily lives that it is easy to take them for granted.
Additionally, the maternity rights granted under DIFC Employment Law apply also to female employees adopting a child.
They are unpredictable and workers have no guarantee of their income from week to week, no protection from unfair dismissal, no maternity rights or redundancy rights, and no sick pay or pensions.
Not that there is much hope of that when we realise that the British Government was the only one in Europe to oppose the Social Charter giving, among other things equal rights to women and the only one to oppose European plans for giving women better pregnancy and maternity rights.
A rampant Conservative party proposes privatisation of the NHS, banning strikes in all public services, ends collective bargaining and wants to outlaw equality legislation including maternity rights.
In relation to maternity rights, the current 52 weeks' maternity leave would remain, but the mother could elect to end her maternity leave after two weeks and share the remaining 50 weeks' of leave with her eligible partner, known as "flexible parental leave".
Motherhood is a magic wand that represents the selflessness of women, but society throws a blanket of mistrust over women who wish to exercise their maternity rights and to determine the number and spacing of their children.
Other options mentioned in the consultation include: the availability of adequate child/dependent care facilities; giving the same maternity rights to women entrepreneurs as to employees; or offering grants to unemployed seniors to become entrepreneurs.
Al Watan Maternity rights for policewomen Policewomen will be granted the same rights to maternity leave as women in the public sector, Shura Council members agreed yesterday.
Foreign women should also have custody of their children in disputes and be given maternity rights similar to their Bahraini counterparts, expats agreed.
RESEARCH shows there is a widespread problem of pregnant women or those taking up maternity rights finding their job has suddenly disappeared - often disguised as redundancy.