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Through pseudo female bonding, Gemma utilizes her matriarchal position to manipulate Tara's fears and encourages her to act in ways that benefit the club.
However, these matriarchal societies did not endure the rigors of time.
The title alone of the second--The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why an Invented Past Wont Give Women a History (2000)--suggests that this book would have elicited both adulation and vituperation, as indeed it has.
Several brief studies of matriarchal social structures in historical and extant cultures from around the world are included.
In 1861, Johann Jakob Bachofen, a conservative Swiss jurist and expert on Roman law, claimed to have found evidence that prehistoric human societies were matriarchal, meaning that women held familial, political, and religious power in the distant past.
Barbara Marten plays the exhausted but loving grandmother, who brings a real softness to the role, whilst portraying matriarchal inner steel.
The traces provide the oldest direct evidence for the complex social structure among elephants -- a society that is matriarchal and segregated by sex and has solitary and herding behaviours.
Dora dedicated her life to her family and she was the matriarchal center of their lives.
For example, Kanz's analysis of the recently restored print of Metropolis in the light of Bachofen's matriarchal theory opens up new avenues, though I would take issue with her reading of the film as a somewhat pedantic mise-en-scene of Bachofen's three-stage theory of cultural development.
Ms Blackman, who looked like a lovely matriarchal mermaid in glittering silver and then black tight-fitting sparkly dresses, is a spry 85.
Woman with Shell Dress (2008) is a clay sculpture that shows the subsistence of a matriarchal culture in the native tradition, in which the mother's heritage is sustained as the basis for the structure of the clan.
Chanting hypnotically, "We control the dancefloor" before launching into the futuristic beats of 22nd Century, Kelis appeared like the matriarchal leader of some kind of dance cult with her feather headdress and mirrored skin-tight catsuit.