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While the tide is turning, it is important to remember that the Golden Age of Matriarchal Societies took place in a time when land and food were abundant.
Storytelling, a strong Iroquois matriarchal tradition, involves elders sitting at the kitchen table or around the wood stove, an art that has lost its importance in recent years.
In any case, Zimmer Bradley's Firebrand (1994 reprint) contained one matriarchal group, a female-only tribe of 'Amazon' pastoralists.
Here the planet Dune has been destroyed and the Old Empire has been consumed by a violent matriarchal cult--except for the Bene Gesserit.
This matriarchal society is governed by high priestesses who worship the goddess, Nyx and perform pagan rituals.
Y Caban, a building currently housing an exhibition by Katie Scarlett Howard depicts strong women and is inspired by the matriarchal position her grandmother held.
Culturally landlocked until the '80s, they remain a matriarchal society where a child's lineage is often traced through its mother.
Her action will, however, resonate with other ANC matriarchs in the closely-knit community of ANC wives and mothers, and could cost party chief hopeful, Jacob Zuma, a slew of matriarchal protest votes.
Stories for Men" and a few other tales take place in a utopian matriarchal society on the Moon, and several other stories explore the frontiers of time, space, and gender.
Fourth Crown Princess Taoshira, a sixteen-year-old joint ruler of a matriarchal society who had been plucked out of goatherding obscurity four years earlier, is required to travel to Gerfal to wed Prince Ramil, two years her senior.
They have a matriarchal society and are known as being peaceful, cooperative, and remarkably intelligent.
30, 1906, into a farming family in a village near the city of Juchitan, which for centuries has been marked by its distinctive matriarchal culture in which women hold most of the political and economic power.