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Blaug's rate of return calculations in Britain and India were derived by reducing all observed higher earnings of graduates over those of matriculants by a third, on the grounds that not more than 66 per cent of graduates' higher earnings over those of matriculants should be attributed to their education as such, with the balance of 34 per cent to be ascribed to their innate ability.
For recruiting, this means not only inquiries, but also conversions to apps, deposits, and matriculants.
Above all, we teach you to do things with the fear of God,' and charged the matriculants to be good ambassadors of the school and the country, Nigeria at large.
Dunleavy DM, Kroopnick MH, Dowd KW, Searcy CA, Zhao X, The predictive validity of the MCAT exam in relation to academic performance through medical school: a national cohort study of 2001-2004 matriculants.
Worth noting is the growing number of matriculants from other countries in the region and abroad (in particular China, as well as African regional powers Nigeria and South Africa).
A funding shift may be wholly unnecessary, however, because prestigious schools already provide many grants to poor entrants, (123) and the wealthier matriculants are unlikely to utilize any loans.
Factors influencing college choice of high school and transfer matriculants into a college of agriculture.
Of a total of 1,398 matriculants, 568 (41%) self-selected to participate in the first-semester orientation program, and 830 (59%) did not join the orientation.
Researchers overlooked the paucity of black male applicants and matriculants to medical school for years because the data was aggregated with figures for black women.
However, over 41% of the incoming class of 2018 were out-of-state matriculants.
Facts: Applicants, matriculants, enrollment, graduates, MD/PhD, and residency applicants data.
We had a huge influx of applicants; it's just that the applicants did not turn into matriculants," Jones says.