matter of concern

References in classic literature ?
What ye may want, sir, is a matter of concern to nobody but yoursel'," returned the captain; "but I can tell ye that which is to be.
MPs don't bother if anyone cares about their work or if they are factors in society, their only matter of concern is to longer enjoy the MP function, comments Popovska.
Ukraine sits across routes for the export of Russian oil and gas towards Europe, and the situation there remains a matter of concern to traders.
Opening the inquest in Ruthin, coroner John Gittins said: "Unfortunately there have been a number of accidents in that area over the years and that is a matter of concern to me.
ere has been a signi[euro]cant rise in complaints, which is a matter of concern even though the complaints procedure may be more accessible.
Khafaji said in a press statement : " sending the National Safety Law at this time by the government is a matter of concern and uncertainty, and powers granted to the prime minister and extend emergency laws , worrying more of autocracy .
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that rise in incidents of sectarian violence are a matter of concern for the government and asked the law enforcement agencies to take coordinated steps to mitigate such incidents.
Global Banking News-June 21, 2013--Lack of progress in European Banking Union matter of concern, says OECD official(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
That is a matter of concern and it is something that we obviously are in regular consultation about with our allies in Seoul and Tokyo, as well as with our partners around the region and the world," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.
The safety of our streets is a matter of concern to all and it is vital that any campaign involves the wider community.
The Ministry added that the credibility of combating terrorism which has always been a matter of concern for the international community is now under unprecedented test as the most disgusting form of terrorism hit the Syrian civilians with no mercy or differentiating between an elderly man or a child.
All world economic processes is also an matter of concern for The President, including the Customs Union, as its countries number more than 90% of the trade turnover of the CIS countries.