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By the time you read this the DVD+R9 media spec will be a matter of record.
It will be interesting to see the turnout in this vote and to see how many people do not mind that how they voted is a matter of record.
As a matter of record, 14,226 people turn 50 in Britain each week
Centerpulse was informed that all securities have been sold, and this announcement is a matter of record only.
In my letter of February 27, 1998--a matter of record, since it was sent not only to Kaelin and Henry Young but also to DanceAspen's legal counsel and to my own attorney--the only reference to that separation reads: "Reference has been made to the possibility, or even the probability, of separating the School from the Festival in an effort to ensure the financial stability of the School.
All of such securities having been sold, this announcement of their sale appears as a matter of record only.
But it was a matter of record that he knew the Hindujas very well.
His arrest in 1953 for importuning is a matter of record, but he'd have been appalled by the way it's been resurrected, dissected and discussed by newspapers.
This announcement is made as a matter of record only.
He won't discuss it, but certain items are a matter of record.