matters of state

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As for jest, there be certain things, which ought to be privileged from it; namely, religion, matters of state, great persons, any man's present business of importance, and any case that deserveth pity.
The councillors with whom the governor consulted on matters of state were appointed by himself.
On the other hand, both political science and common sense teach us that in matters of state, and especially in the matter of war, private citizens must forego their personal individual
But what I chiefly admired, and thought altogether unaccountable, was the strong disposition I observed in them towards news and politics, perpetually inquiring into public affairs, giving their judgments in matters of state, and passionately disputing every inch of a party opinion.
I was never known by any other designation afterward, whether in the nation's talk or in grave debate upon matters of state at the council-board of the sovereign.
and one loving of the King, my pouch has been opened and many matters of state taken from it.
However, he sent for his dear mother to Athens, and, by taking her advice in matters of state, became a very excellent monarch, and was greatly beloved by his people.
Now and again this king, whose name does not matter, would mount a ring-streaked horse and ride scores of miles to Simlatown to confer with the lieutenant-governor on matters of state, or assure the viceroy that his sword was at the service of the queen-empress.
A new leadership emerged and with it came strange shady characters that gave the impression to have an interesting influence on matters of State and on the State's leaders.
The decision was taken on direction of the prime minister to look after important matters of state in the absence of Nawaz Sharif in the country.
In June, the committee also recommended that Acho should cooperate with the governor on matters of state interest.
Mr Vaz is also chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, and that means he examines evidence on such important matters of state as Plebgate and pornography.