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She added: "We believe the huge increase is because of the maturating of SSIAs.
BLUES ta1 = beguiles, bulgiest GUITAR MAN ta1 = armaturing, maturating IT'S A SIN ta1 = pianists, sanities LOVE ME TENDER ta1 = redevelopment OLD SHEP ta1= asphodel, depolish, polished, sploshed ONE NIGHT ta2 = dethroning, shortening, toughening SHE'S NOT YOU ta2 = autohypnoses SOLDIER BOY ta2 = hyperboloids US MALE ta1 = amulets, malleus, maulers
5% maturating within one year, and a modified duration of 1.
Meanwhile, the average of rates of interests on certificates of deposit maturating in 28 days and issued by the CBO to absorb liquidity grew from 0.