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g]) ranged between the NRC (2007) recommendation for early and later maturating growing sheep.
Early maturing crops avoid disease and insect pest epidemics due to which plant breeders have positioned adequate pressure on the development of early maturating crop plants (Singh 2004).
The technology includes a pit composting unit together with a simple windrow for maturating the finished compost.
This includes discovering the health characteristics of patients clustering in sites associated with delivery of these botanicals, estimating the costs involved in maturating a single-strain batch of cannabis botanical medicine, enumerating a batch's reach in terms of number of patients served, and describing relevant human-plant ecological relationships.
Table 3) from maturing period, the number 1 kind sahar was among late maturating kind with 141 day means after cultivate and numbers 12 and 7 from minimum maturating period was among early maturating kinds.
After the presentation in 2001, the concept of blank meaning was maturating through other scientific presentations, and imposing itself to us as a very dynamic methodological concept.
Most breweries use a two-tank fermentation process, with the beer fermenting in one and then maturating in the other.