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In other words, some physical and fitness characteristics are expected in children with a particular maturation status--methods to assess maturation should be able to discriminate for these characteristics, in order to avoid bias in children evaluation (Tanner et al, 2001).
After recording the Metaphase II (MII) oocyte maturation rate, the oocytes were fertilized in vitro.
The ridge regression formulas for determining the cervical vertebral maturation are:
05) was observed in meiotic resumption and nuclear maturation rate in all three types of maturation media.
2009) identified the beginning of the maturation period at 42 days and complete maturation at 49 days; Danner et al.
Characteristics associated with fruit maturation are usually evaluated using instrumental and chemical methods that are destructive and involve manual work (Santos et al.
The contract is for the supply of two complete systems maturation cobblestones:
Key Words: Level of agreement, cervical vertebral maturation, growth assessment.
Our previous study on porcine oocytes demonstrated that exogenous QT is beneficial for nuclear maturation during IVM and subsequent embryo development by reducing ROS levels (Kang et al.
Favourable sales have since prompted SCC to open a third cheese maturation cave to fulfil demand.
The control of ovarian maturation and spawning is a major problem in the development of commercial aquaculture of penaeid shrimp.
These cells' maturation is arrested in the embryonic stage, even when they've grown in a dish for a year or more.