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When I discovered the correlation, I instinctively supposed that it must be explainable in maturational terms; the generational interpretation did not cross my mind.
Effects of Co-Trimoxazole, Folic Acid, and their Co-Administration on Ovarian Maturational Status
The use of regression models adjusted for sociodemographic factors, sexual maturation and physical activity, have identified that regardless of age, skin color, economic level, maternal education, maturational stage and level of physical activity among young people, anthropometric indicators can explain the aerobic fitness variation.
For this reason, it is important to pursue studies with a larger sample size and with children in all maturational bands to better clarify the health risks.
In keeping with maturational predispositions, many studies disparage jurisdictions for failing to push their Websites beyond transactional services to a higher plane of civic engagement (Siau & Long, 2005; Andersen & Henriksen, 2006; Coursey & Norris, 2008; Kim & Grant, 2010; Lee et al.
The significant correlations were weak, indicating that the higher the brain maturational stage of an individual, the fewer the number of distortions in the figures of the B-GSS test.
We postulate that the significant maturational changes in the immune system that occur in the early neonatal period, particularly in premature infants, may lead to decreased risk of infection as the infant ages with the central line in place," they wrote.
Maturational and developmental competence of cumulus-free immature human oocytes derived from stimulated and intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles.
Instead, it was reported that the body weights were similar in both study groups at the time of onset of breastfeeding and thus both groups had similar maturational behaviors.
Longitudinal designs are necessary in defining pathways to excellence and maturational status should be considered when evaluating young athletes (Malina et al.