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But a new study suggests that mature cells also play a key role in initiating cancer--a finding that could upend the way scientists think about the origin of the disease.
After researching cheese flavour profiles and reviewing cheese-making techniques with the West Country cheesemaker, the retailer has come up with what it believes is the best tasting mature and extra mature own brand Cheddar cheese in the UK.
4 trillion in commercial mortgages will mature between 2014 and 2017, and CMBS loans represent about one fourth of the total.
Mature Drivers has recognised Blind Spot Warning systems with the highest ranking in its list of 10 new vehicle features.
Less mature furit (1/2 mature) showed higher weight loss than mature fruits.
with an extremely competitivejob market and the large volume of job applicants, many employers have the opportunity to be selective when choosing the right candidate for many, though, mature workers - those 50 and oider - are proving to be an ideal match.
46% series X senior notes that mature in May 2015; USD20m 2.
Lebanon wants to refinance in November $2 billion that will mature in 2012 and has already asked the banks to send offers.
We'd been given clear instructions on what to shoot: mature buck, eight points or better, outside the ears.
Economic prosperity depends heavily on the quality of the workforce, and yet far too few regions have recognized their best underutilized asset: the mature workforce.
If you say, 'This product is for an older person and is used primarily by older people'--that is not good marketing," says George Moschis, marketing professor at Georgia State University, director of the Center for Mature Consumer Studies, and author of Baby Boomers and Their Parents.
Pilgrims Choice will be supplying Pilgrims Choice Farmhouse Mature cheddar--one of the few real farmhouse cheeses that is handmade on selected West Country farms.