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During these last few years all three of the general's daughters- Alexandra, Adelaida, and Aglaya--had grown up and matured.
He felt that he had grown up and matured very much.
Considered, indeed, in relation to the latter, whose mied was matured, she was altogether a mistake, and calculated to shock his trust in final causes, including the adaptation of fine young women to purplefaced bachelors.
Zu-tag was evidently waiting for darkness to fall before carrying out whatever plans had matured in his savage little brain, for he and his fellows sat quietly in the tree about her, watching the preparations of the blacks.
Tonight," replied von Horn, and together they matured their plans.
He had seen too much of life, and his mind was too matured, to be wholly content with fractions, cube root, parsing, and analysis; and there were times when their conversation turned on other themes - the last poetry he had read, the latest poet she had studied.
The friendship between them was established almost instantly, for Michael, from a merry puppy, had matured into a merry dog.
He gave me time to steady myself under the blow; and then he placed his vast experience, his matured and consummate knowledge, at my disposal.