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The inmate who learns to cope maturely with the stresses posed by confinement is learning to cope maturely with the stresses of life (Toch 1988).
Today the Vatican's inability to respond maturely in the newest crisis and the widespread sin of clerical pedophilia only demonstrate how incapable this clerical culture is to deal with the real world.
Maturely engaging with the poem's inability to sustain a view of Nature as mediator between the instinctual and rational, White refrains from invoking irony to remove the poet from the problem.
We say that it is time for the council to maturely accept that the argument is growing in strength every day and that the right and proper thing to do now would be to voluntarily hold a referendum on the issue.
As Erich Fromm has pointed out, if one loves maturely then love implies concern for the person loved and responsibility for the needs of the other.
Well, maybe not like most of them; he's unusually insightful, articulate and even maturely rational regarding his powerful feelings.
People are able to discuss this openly and maturely, that's a good sign," he said.
It's about choosing the right time to do that and maturely handling the situations when they arise.
I must mention here that I wish everyone would react as maturely as did the manager from Basma cards last issue, while responding to a letter from a disgruntled customer published in TheWeek.
wonderfully and maturely reflects on a movement now deemed "history from a postmodern perspective.
Spokesman for the farming organisations George Kamilaris announced: "The farming organisations, have decided maturely and responsibly to offer the necessary time until September 15, so that the amount of aid that can be offered to each sector is estimated, with the cooperation of the farming organisations.
He still has moments when he goes into other areas of the pitch but he is choosing those moments more maturely.