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Although the commercials can still be caught on TV from time to time--especially late at night and during reruns of Murder, She Wrote--it's no longer a prime example of how to market to the oldest consumers, or "the Matures," as they're known.
The survey--which polled individuals having a total net worth of $100,000 or more--showed that, among investors who have reallocated assets over the past 12 months, 67% of Matures and 63% of Boomers added equities as opposed to 53% of GenXers.
No access or withdrawals are permitted, without charge, until the investment matures on April 4, 20063
30% interest rate and matures in August 2011, while the other note carries a 5.
075 billion consisting of two tranches: a $600 million revolving credit facility that matures in 2009 and a $475 million reducing revolver that also matures in 2009.
As the neuron matures, some of these branches form stable synapses while others recede.
However, the number of small buyer transactions has recently crossed that of large buyers, and this segment will see further price reductions as the market continues to scale and the delivery model matures.
USD$300,000,000 2000-D, floating rate, matures 9/6/05;
As a result, there is significant opportunity for 529 plan sales based on the needs and preferences of three distinct demographic audiences: matures, baby boomers and generation X.