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The purpose of this study is to report an unusual origin of inferior alveolar nerve and inferior alveolar artery associated with variation in relation to the maxillary artery.
8 This is also comparable with the average success rate of trans-antral ligation of internal maxillary artery (IMA), which is 87%.
The various steps include anterior and posterior nasal packing, direct cauterization, external carotid artery ligation, selective maxillary artery embolization, transantral maxillary artery ligation, anterior ethmoid artery ligation, and septoplasty.
According to Kuder (1983), the otic ganglia of the rat is located below the sphenoid bone, next to where the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve makes the foramen oval, being more closely related to the maxillary artery than to the mandibular nerve.
The availability of endoscopic technology means that this approach is seldom indicated for the routine management of chronic inflammatory disease, but the procedure is occasionally required for the resection of neoplasms, for the ligation of the internal maxillary artery, and during repair of the orbital floor.
the internal maxillary artery, the transverse facial artery, and the lingual and facial arteries) via a femoral approach was performed with particles of different sizes.
Embolization of the internal maxillary artery was successful in reducing blood flow to the lesion (figure 2, B).
However, angiography of the left external carotid artery showed that the tip of the nail was located immediately adjacent to the left distal internal maxillary artery (figure 3, A).
Superselective catheterization of the right lingual artery and the right internal maxillary artery was then carried out with a Rapid Transit microcatheter (Cordis; Miami Lakes, Fla.
If the trocar enters the pterygomaxillary space, it could damage the internal maxillary artery, the infraorbital nerve, or branches of the trigeminal nerve.