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Furthermore, it was revealed that plasma concentrations in this study are comparable to those seen in animal pharmacology studies in which CH-4051 demonstrated superior suppression of RA than both the maximally tolerated dose of methotrexate and equivalent doses of CH-1504.
Isoglide3-T3 (Figure 1) is a maximally regular parallel robot composed by a mobile platform 5 connected to the robot base through three independent PRRR type kinematic chains (1 Prismatic + 3 Revolute joints) (Gogu, 2004).
Preclinical studies demonstrate that 2ME2 can be combined with maximally tolerated doses (MTD) of standard chemotherapeutic agents without additive toxicity, resulting in greater antitumor activity than either agent alone.
Wellness is a pathway along which one can proceed during one's lifetime, to achieve and maintain a healthy state of being in the broadest sense, as is maximally feasible for each person at each phase of his or her life.
In order to maximally leverage the capabilities between the business groups, the current organizational model will be aligned with the Vision 2010 strategy.
Parity is maximally violated in the weak interaction.
Pain is best controlled when both pain and substance abuse are maximally treated.
To be maximally informed and effective, however, the development of such policy options must be based on a solid and broad-based body of theoretic and empiric data.
There are countless examples of logos that have been updated, in order for the visual image to remain relevant and thus maximally functional while styles evolve.
Targeting interventions to people at risk for reinfection may be an effective way of maximally preventing gonorrhoea transmission and reducing resource utilisation," they conclude.
A security manager's objective is to protect a facility maximally at minimum expense.
Worse, our biggest outlays haven't gone for technologies that are maximally useful in conflicts against the terrorists and rogue and hapless states that smart people have long considered our biggest post-Soviet enemy.

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