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The OLS estimates of the parameters are used as initial values for the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters.
8 Table 2 Maximum likelihood estimates (MLE) of the contribution (%) of Atlantic stock king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) to winter landings in each of three south Florida winter sampling zones by sex and year, with 90% bias-corrected confidence intervals (CI) provided.
To estimate the parameters for the Student distribution, we use maximum likelihood estimates.
If we fit a lognormal distribution to data, then the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters are [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
10) A Wald test of the hypothesis that the PDL coefficients on unanticipated M1 growth equal zero using the maximum likelihood estimates yields a [[Chi].
The maximum likelihood estimates of the [alpha] coefficients from (2) may be biased if relevant variables have been left out of the specification.
These estimates are the Maximum Likelihood Estimates that take into account first order autocorrelation of the error term.
The maximum value of l(m,k) as given in equation 4 determines the maximum likelihood estimates (MLE's) for m and k.
77 3 Time and cohort-specific Table 3 Maximum likelihood estimates of abundance for adult horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) in Delaware Bay during the end of May 2003.
Data are maximum likelihood estimates and confidence limits of cancer inductions per dose/([body weight.
Constrained solutions, which allow maximum likelihood estimates and other types of estimates, will generally make these negative components of the probability distribution have zero values.
Maximum likelihood estimates are obtained by fixing a set of parameters of interest over a range of values and then maximizing the full likelihood over the remaining "nuisance" parameters.

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