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n. in a will, the assets of the estate of a person who has died with a will (died testate) which are left after all specific gifts have been made. Typical language: "I leave the rest, residue and remainder [or just residue] of my estate to my grandchildren." If the residue is not given to any beneficiary it will be distributed pursuant to the laws of descent and distribution. (See: will, residuary bequest, descent and distribution)

See: balance, overage, remainder, residual, reversion, surplus


in the law of succession, the part of an estate left over after legacies and bequests have been met.

RESIDUE. That which remains of something after taking away a part of it; as, the residue of an estate, which is what has not been particularly devised by will.
     2. A will bequeathing the general residue of personal property, passes to the residuary legatee everything not otherwise effectually disposed of and it makes no difference whether a legacy falls into the estate by lapse, or as void at law, the next of kin is equally excluded. 15 Ves. 416; 2 Mer. 392. Vide 7 Ves. 391; 4 Bro. C. C. 55; 1 Bro. C. C. 589; Rop. on Leg. Index, h.t.; Worth. on Wills, 454.

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Maximum Residue Limits ( MRLs) for 59 pesticides have not been set and those which have been set do not cover all the crops for which a pesticide has been registered
Pesticides and their Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) in tomato are listed in table 1 [18].
The specific tasks before the committee were (i) to evaluate safety of veterinary drugs in foods to establish acceptable daily intakes (ADIs) and to recommend maximum residue limits (MRLs) for these drugs in foods (ii) to evaluate the safety, and (iii) to provide recommendations on alternative risk assessment approaches for substances without established ADIs and/or MRLs.
The rules establish maximum residue limits for 799 chemicals, more than triple the number previously regulated.
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) on May 29 will implement new maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs in food, including pork and pork products and all pork imports as well, according to a release from the National Pork Board (NPB).
This applied particularly to rules governing Maximum Residue Limits on pesticides in foodstuffs.
SMALL numbers of these salad vegetables contained chemicals that exceeded Maximum Residue Limits in 1999.
Of the 50 samples, 19 were found contaminated though only one exceeded internationally agreed maximum residue limits.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food confirmed that of the foods tested, 73 per cent had no detectable residues, 26 per cent had residues below maximum residue limits (MRL) and 1.

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