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It seemed pitifully meager to Wade at that despondent moment, exhausted as he was by the long, hard journey and the sultry heat.
We were all lazy and satisfied, now, as the meager entries in my note- book (that sure index, to me, of my condition,) prove.
As soon as they had made their meager breakfast of salt pork, coffee and biscuit, Clayton commenced work upon their house, for he realized that they could hope for no safety and no peace of mind at night until four strong walls effectually barred the jungle life from them.
Somewhat calmer, D'Artagnan made every preparation for the journey, and took the greatest care that the military household of the king, as yet very inconsiderable in numbers, should be well officered and well disciplined in its meager and limited proportions.
Now all his life was visible, and the straight, meager path had its ending soon enough.
Perry was becoming more hopeful, although upon what meager food he sustained his optimism I could not conjecture.
He was immensely serious about his work, and I must admit that in so far as appearances went he did ex-tremely well with the meager tools and assistance at his command.
The meager intellect of the creature denied it the advantage it might have taken of its disguise.
Having eaten their meager supper Tarzan bade the girl enter the cavern.
So meager were their trappings that they were practically naked; a fact that was in no way remarkable among the tillers of the fields of Mars.
Wealthy by inheritance, he had chosen the field of education for his life work solely from a desire to be of some material benefit to mankind since the meager salary which accompanied his professorship was not of sufficient import to influence him in the slightest degree.
That he had been born in Africa and educated in Paris was about all she knew, and this meager information had been the result of her surprise that an Englishman should speak English with such a marked French accent.